fiREModul – Fire resistant modular unit

fiREModul – Fire resistant modular unit Slika 1

The speed and flexibility of construction, the high possibility of recycling, sound insulation and high energy efficiency are just some of the guidelines that encourage us to improve our products and increase the satisfaction of our customers over the years. In the desire to improve not only the well-being and comfort of living in our modular facilities, but also to ensure safety, a few years ago we started actively dealing with fire safety and the development of fire-resistant modular units.

To this end, REM, in cooperation with recognized fire safety institutes and experts in this field, has already carried out many fire tests of individual structural assemblies. We were also successful in applying for the international development and research project fiREModul, co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Development and Technology, the Republic of Slovenia, and the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development. The project’s goal was to develop a new, fire-resistant modular unit by the end of 2022, and to experimentally test the created fire-resistant details and structural assemblies. We did not stop at standard tests for fire resistance, but went one step further – in cooperation with the leading German laboratory for fire safety of structures from the MFPA Leipzig Institute, we conducted a natural fire test (German, Naturbrandversuch) modular facility consisting of 8 newly developed modular units.

Above all, by carrying out this test, we found that the effort invested was not in vain, as the construction of the modular units easily withstood more than 30 minutes of intense fire, the temperature of which exceeded 1100 °C, and the fire also did not spread to neighbouring rooms. This confirmed the success of our development, and we also gained a significant advantage over the competition, as the conditions of public tenders for the construction of public buildings on international markets increasingly include a natural fire test.